Round Table Feb 12, 2013: Shuffling ministries, train tickets prices, the power to create taxes

On Tuesday, February 12, Zhao Xiaohua, Liu Yan, and I discussed:

  • the coming reshuffle of China’s central ministries
  • train ticket prices as Ministry of Railways is split
  • old-for-new furniture scheme in Beijing
  • who has the power to create taxes and fees in China
  • toxic school uniforms
  • professional TV audience members

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Round Table on China Drive Jan 8, 2013

Zhou Heyang, Zhao Xiaohua, and I discuss:

  • CASS 2nd annual Social Psychology Blue Book
  • Buying tickets for 春运 (Spring Festival travel)
  • Chengguan in Xiamen cutting power and water to illegal construction sites
  • Hainan capping hotel and buffet prices
  • Creating superhero movies for Chinese market
  • Millionaire street cleaner

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