On Beijing Cream: Skype In China Might Not Offer Privacy, But Why Would You Expect It To?

I wrote a piece for Beijing Cream about ridiculous accusations, Skype, and how scary it might be:

But this is nothing new. In 2008, activists at Citizen Lab disclosed a similar finding: that TOM, in a joint venture with the then-owner of Skype, eBay, systematically monitors and censors users’ communication. Then, as in 2006, Skype publicly commented that they knew about it, promised that it was only instant messages that were affected, and reassured everyone that Skype-to-Skype (as in, not TOM-Skype) communication was fully encrypted and protected.

Read the whole piece:

Skype In China Might Not Offer Privacy, But Why Would You Expect It To?


On Beijing Cream: Malware In China, Part 2: iOS Users Are Vulnerable, Too

A recent piece I wrote for Beijing Cream about jailbreaking and malware on iOS.

While there are certain advantages to jailbreaking, the downsides can be quite severe. And, to be honest, the non-practical advantages of jailbreaking only really count if you want to tweak the system and know what you’re doing

I came round to not jailbreaking my device after I found that I couldn’t (a long story). At first, I was very wary of actually purchasing applications, especially games. But after that first purchase, I have to admit that it feels good to know that I’m helping to support developers who make interesting content. Also, I now no longer have to worry about strange ways around Apple controls when upgrading: every single application on my iPad will follow me version after version with no work on my part.

Read the whole piece here:

Malware In China, Part 2: iOS Users Are Vulnerable, Too

Tech Talk on Beyond Beijing Dec 19, 2012

My weekly tech segment on Today on Beyond Beijing

We talked about:

  • The quiet launch of the iPhone 5 in China
  • Active blocking of VPNs
  • Regulation of apps and app stores
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