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China Drive’s Round Table Jan 14, 2013

On Monday, Zhao Xiaohua, Zhou Heyang, and I discussed:

  • Horrible pollution in Beijing
  • Whether tier 2 and 3 cities need subways
  • Kindergartens only for government workers’ children
[audio http://media.iphone.cri.cn/magazine/chinadrive/2013/01/011418a.mp3]
  • The impact of fake shark fin
  • Copying architecture
  • Meaningless phrases from officials
[audio http://media.iphone.cri.cn/magazine/chinadrive/2013/01/011418b.mp3]

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China Drive’s Round Table Dec 18, 2012

Liu Yan, Zhao Xiaohua, and I discuss:

  • School safety in China in light of recent knife attack
  • Shanghai encouraging eligible couples to have more kids
  • Chinese paying for more online content than other countries
[audio http://media.iphone.cri.cn/magazine/chinadrive/2012/12/121818a.mp3]
  • Migrant worker unemployment rate on the rise
  • Legal database as a way to transparency
  • Officials cars off the road on “bad” pollution days
[audio http://media.iphone.cri.cn/magazine/chinadrive/2012/12/121818b.mp3]


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