Round Table Feb 12, 2013: Shuffling ministries, train tickets prices, the power to create taxes

On Tuesday, February 12, Zhao Xiaohua, Liu Yan, and I discussed:

  • the coming reshuffle of China’s central ministries
  • train ticket prices as Ministry of Railways is split
  • old-for-new furniture scheme in Beijing
  • who has the power to create taxes and fees in China
  • toxic school uniforms
  • professional TV audience members

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GitHub Blocked In China Thanks To The Railway Ministry’s Crappy Ticketing Site

Update: GitHub now seems to be partially unblocked.

The Golden Shield Project (aka Great Firewall of China) has decided GitHub no longer conforms with Chinese notions of harmony, as first noticed Monday by and reported on The Next Web.

The block comes on the heels of the Ministry of Railways’s unsuccessful attempt to convince Chinese browser-makers to stop providing a plugin that helps users purchase train tickets off MOR’s website.

A bit of background before we go any further: GitHub acts as a platform for software developers to share, revise, and track changes to code. This means that people who make those cool apps and websites we use every day use GitHub as a means to communicate with other developers, share their work, and generally make their products (and, thus, our lives) better1.

The rest of the article can be found here:

GitHub Blocked In China Thanks To The Railway Ministry’s Crappy Ticketing Site

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