Tech Talk on Today Jan 16, 2013

This week, on Today on Beyond Beijing, we discussed


Tech Talk Dec 26, 2012

My weekly tech segment on Today on Beyond Beijing


We talked about:

John Artman’s Teck Talk Dec 12, 2012

My weekly segment for Today on Beyond Beijing 


We talked about:

  • Apple, Microsoft, and Google teaming up to buy Kodak’s digital imaging patents
  • USPTO reviewing the “Steve Jobs patent” and what it means for Apple going forward
  • A new mobile payment and financial planning application from Alipay ( “China’s Paypal”, subsidiary of Alibaba)

Tech Talk Oct 24, 2012

Broadcast live on October 24, 2012

I present a weekly tech segment for Today on Beyond Beijing.

This week, we talk about the Apple announcements, Windows 8 and Surface Tablets, as well as Marissa Mayer at the helm Yahoo.


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Tablets used on couch and in bed

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