On Beijing Cream: Malware In China, Part 2: iOS Users Are Vulnerable, Too

A recent piece I wrote for Beijing Cream about jailbreaking and malware on iOS.

While there are certain advantages to jailbreaking, the downsides can be quite severe. And, to be honest, the non-practical advantages of jailbreaking only really count if you want to tweak the system and know what you’re doing

I came round to not jailbreaking my device after I found that I couldn’t (a long story). At first, I was very wary of actually purchasing applications, especially games. But after that first purchase, I have to admit that it feels good to know that I’m helping to support developers who make interesting content. Also, I now no longer have to worry about strange ways around Apple controls when upgrading: every single application on my iPad will follow me version after version with no work on my part.

Read the whole piece here:

Malware In China, Part 2: iOS Users Are Vulnerable, Too

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