Tech Talk Dec 26, 2012

My weekly tech segment on Today on Beyond Beijing


We talked about:


Tech Talk on Beyond Beijing Dec 19, 2012

My weekly tech segment on Today on Beyond Beijing

We talked about:

  • The quiet launch of the iPhone 5 in China
  • Active blocking of VPNs
  • Regulation of apps and app stores

China Drive’s Round Table Dec 17, 2012

Zhou Heyang, Zhao Xiaohua, and I discuss:

  • Decreasing arable land in China
  • Turning farming into a successful business
  • Legal dispute over scholarships
  • China’s massive number of patent applications and if it means more innovation
  • Developer Vanke to build mini apartments in Beijing, if anyone wants them
  • “Naked resignations” and what it means for Chinese society and youth


More China Drive

China Drive’s Round Table Dec 18, 2012

Liu Yan, Zhao Xiaohua, and I discuss:

  • School safety in China in light of recent knife attack
  • Shanghai encouraging eligible couples to have more kids
  • Chinese paying for more online content than other countries
  • Migrant worker unemployment rate on the rise
  • Legal database as a way to transparency
  • Officials cars off the road on “bad” pollution days


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John Artman’s Teck Talk Dec 12, 2012

My weekly segment for Today on Beyond Beijing 


We talked about:

  • Apple, Microsoft, and Google teaming up to buy Kodak’s digital imaging patents
  • USPTO reviewing the “Steve Jobs patent” and what it means for Apple going forward
  • A new mobile payment and financial planning application from Alipay ( “China’s Paypal”, subsidiary of Alibaba)

Wild Web Dec 15, 2012

My weekly tech segment.  This week, Mark Griffiths and I discuss Bitcoins, what they’re for, and if they have a future.

Stream here

China Drive’s Round Table Dec 13, 2012

This week Zhou Heyang, Zhao Xiaohua, and I discuss:

  • New regulations to make it easier to obtain green cards
  • Government waste and budget process
  • Pawn Shops
  • Why Apple moving jobs back to US has nothing to do with China
  • Why exported food is of higher quality than domestically available
  • Recorders in kindergarten

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China Drive Round Table Dec 04, 2012

Part 1

Part 2

On December 4, 2012, I with my colleagues, discussed:

  • Evaluating the progress of high speed rail
  • Opposition by locals to opening up the college entrance exam to non-locals
  • The power of netizens in fighting corruption
  • Local telecom offering notarized recording services
  • Linking individuals’ credit score to behavior on the road
  • Xi Jinping’s call on officials to stop reading from a script at meetings and conferences

China Drive Round Table Dec 03, 2012

I act as commentator for our daily Round Table discussing various topics of interest, covering economics, development, corruption, social issues, and culture.

Part 1

Part 2

On December 3rd, we talked about:

  • The implementation in some cities of a property tax
  • The weakness of the Ministry of Environmental Protection vs railway development
  • Regulating ecommerce
  • A recent proposal on how to encourage youth to stay in rural areas
  • Huaxi building a replica of the Palace Museum (Forbidden City)
  • The rise of arranged marriages

Tech Talk November 28, 2012

My weekly Tech Talk on Today on Beyond Beijing.

Links to topics:
The four screens

Is the Chinese netizenry cosmopolitan, educated, and informed? (Part I)

Scientists say deep learning is the future of Silicon Valley tech



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