Back to Normal

Looks like WordPress just messed up.

Artman Talks and China Punks will be resuming their normal location.


Podcast sites down! Oh noes!

I’m not sure what happened, but WordPress has taken down (hopefully just suspended) both Artman Talks and China Punks. I don’t know why.

I discovered this after trying to implement some overdue changes to the Artman Talk site only to get a “This blog no longer exists message” and a link to the TOS. After examining the terms, I could find no part of the TOS where I might have knowingly violated them.

I’ve followed up, but am still waiting for a response. Hopefully, this is all mistake. If not, it could the universe telling me that its time to implement my plans for my own site, etc. We’ll see.

Until this is resolved, I’ll be posting both Artman Talks and China Punks episodes on my personal blog site.

Stay tuned. I interviewed Paul French over the weekend about luxury and consumption in China and will posting that soon. Also, expect another (long overdue) episode of China Punks, if Charlie’s eye is okay.

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