Authority Week

This was written by my dear Friend, Timothy Gutmann, way back in January when the Google v China ruckus began. I’ve only now had a blog/time to post this. Enjoy.

Authority Week

The Relevant Universe, Asia Asian Affairs Bureau, (Which Is Really More of a Credenza, It’s Late Qing Dynasty, Clean Lines, Stylish Yet Very Functional)

BEIJING AND SAN FRANCISCO. Rumors of Internet search giant Google’s departure from the Chinese market have sparked protest from Chinese netizens and innovation from China’s increasingly high-profile pro-government online community. Beijing based TangTech has announced plans to launch a search engine called Guoguo (国国), a “wholesome, patriotic alternative to certain Western brands” said Xi Rong, its developer.



The slow dance music

I’ve been listening to a lot of dubstep recently. First aided by a radio station which is pretty cool, but they mostly feature DJs (who are good, no maligning there) who play the same tracks in different mixes.

After some research, using my newly acquired Internet superpower, I found a very special show featuring not only dubstep but also some really amazing and cutting edge electronic music.

But, as per usual, it is a little hard to find those who share my interest, at least in person.

And, of course, there aren’t many shows here in Beijing. Even if there were, it would be rough getting my girlfriend to come with me.

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